Gateway Features

Secure Card (Tokens)

Secure Card was designed to provide merchants with the ability to store customer card details in a secure and PCI-compliant manner. Secure Card eliminates the need for merchants to store card details locally on their own systems, avoiding the significant systems and financial overhead of managing their own PCI compliance and registration processes.

By using Secure Card to store cardholder details a merchant can access the stored card details through a ‘token’ cardholder number to generate cardholder payments for both ad-hoc, card-on-file and recurring payments.

How it works

When registering a card, the merchant is provided with a Secure Card number which they can use in place of the actual card details. Secure Card is a technology that enables a unique identifier or ‘token’ to replace a credit card number for online payment transactions.

The Secure Card number can be stored by the merchant without any PCI security implications and the number is automatically accessed to generate ad-hoc payments, pre-defined installment or subscription payments.

The Secure Card feature was designed for merchants who want to:

  • Allow customers to make subsequent purchases without having to re-enter card details.
  • Retain cardholder details without the overhead of managing their own PCI compliance.
  • Facilitate recurring transactions.
  • Provide subscription-based payments.

Secure Card Settings

The gateway supports various Secure Card configurations. For example, enabling the "Auto Registration" setting creates Secure Cards (tokens) automatically when Payment transactions occur. There are also various settings that allows Secure Cards to be shared across all of the Merchants Terminals (enabling unified tokenization across all payment channels). See the section Secure Card Settings for more information.

Selfcare System (Merchant Portal)

The SelfCare System (Merchant Portal) enables merchants to manage and control their credit and debit card processing environment. Using this portal, merchants can process secure transactions, securely store transaction details, monitor payments and payment history, set-up recurring payments and view reports on a wide-range of transaction data. The portal also provides merchants with access to the Virtual Terminal to process Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) Transactions.

Key Components

  • Multiple user set-up.
  • Call center-style processing, with full access control and function management.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • No installation process, no additional hardware.
  • Supports all modern browsers.
  • Email and text receipts.
  • Can be activated with an existing Merchant ID (MID) within 24 hours.

Virtual Terminal

  • For Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) Transactions.
  • Real-time authorization.
  • Accessible anywhere with Internet connectivity.
  • Simple and secure transaction and refund processing.

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal enables merchants to manage and control their credit and debit card processing environment.

Within the Virtual Terminal, merchants can process secure transactions, securely store transaction details, monitor payments and payment history, set-up recurring payments and establish graphical reports based on a wide-range of transaction data.

The Virtual Terminal also provides merchants with the ability to process payments over the phone.

How it works/Who is it applicable for?

  • Accept payments for goods and services purchased over the phone or mail.
  • Ideal for cardholder not present environment - office, trade shows - anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Transactions completed online - your computer becomes the terminal.


  • Security and fraud checks.
  • Email and text receipts.
  • Transaction reporting: access to full transaction reporting history, exportable to CSV.
  • Multiple user access.
  • Multi-currency acceptance.
  • Safely store client card details.

Online Dynamic Currency Conversion (eDCC)

Online Dynamic Currency Conversion (eDCC) provides online merchants with the facility to allow their international customers pay for their goods and services in their own domestic currency at the point of purchase. The cardholder is automatically provided with the value of the transaction in the local currency and the converted currency e.g. £ Sterling, Euro etc. and is also provided with the conversion rate for comparison purposes. The cardholder is always given the choice of which currency to make the payment in.

With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), your international customers will know exactly what their total purchase price is in their home currency, at the time that the transaction is processed.

The online merchant continues to be settled in their merchant currency and receives a rebate of a percentage of the Foreign Exchange margin (typically between 0.75% and 1% of the value of the transaction) on a monthly basis. eDCC provides online merchants with a new revenue opportunity and an additional service benefit to their international customers.

How it works

When the card details are entered on the payment page of the merchant’s website, the system will automatically determine if it is a foreign eDCC-qualified card from the Bank ID Number (BIN). The eDCC service instantly converts the purchase amount in to one of more than forty-eight international currencies. The customer is then presented with the option to pay in the host website currency or in their own currency.

Research shows that over 90% of customers, when given the eDCC option, choose to pay in their own domestic currency.

Benefits to merchant

  • New income stream. Receive monthly rebates of a percentage of the foreign exchange commission.
  • Cost effective. eDCC costs only a few cent per transaction to implement.
  • Exchange rates are updated automatically on a daily basis.
  • Funds are settled to merchants in their own currency.

Benefits to cardholder

  • Convenience. Prices are instantly converted to their own currency.
  • Comfort. The customer knows exactly how much the transaction costs in their own currency.
  • Competitive rates. Exchange rates are updated daily.
  • Choice. The cardholder has the option to pay in the merchant currency or their own domestic currency.

MaxMind MinFraud Service

MaxMind MinFraud is a complementary service that works with the HPP and XML integration methods.

When used, this service provides a score for the transaction between 0.01 and 100 (riskScore), effectively the percentage chance that it could be fraudulent.

Certain fields are required for performing fraud scoring on the transaction using the MaxMind MinFraud service. There is no charge for this service, and it can be enabled in the Terminal Setup section of our SelfCare System (Merchant Portal).

To use this service, make sure the terminal in use has this feature enabled and that your integration is providing the data necessary for the verification.

Learn more about this service on the MaxMind website.

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