Sandbox Testing

Information on Sandbox accounts is provided below. For testing guidelines, refer to the Testing Guide.

What are Sandbox Accounts?

Sandbox accounts are used to test an integration with our payment gateway. There are two types of sandbox accounts: public accounts and full test accounts.

The public accounts (provided below) can be used to test basic payment gateway functionality. These accounts (one per currency) are publically available and can be used without requesting access. The public sandbox accounts do not include access to the Selfcare System (Merchant Portal). These accounts are useful for proof-of-concept testing or scoping a payment gateway integration.

A full test account is used to test and integrate all payment gateway funtionality and includes access to the Selfcare System (Merchant Portal). Integrators will need to utilize a full test account when integrating, testing and certifying their integration. You may request a full test account by contacting

What can you test?

Public accounts provide the ability to perform basic sales and refunds with any of the integration methods, including eDCC.

A full test account must be used in order to test pre-authorizations, completions, Secure Card (token) functionality, subscriptions, unreferenced refunds or any other feature or currency. You will also need a full test account to test Hosted Payment Page customization (the customization feature is available in the Selfcare System).

Public Sandbox Accounts


Terminal Currency Terminal ID Shared Secret
A USD 33001 SandboxSecret001
B CAD 33002 SandboxSecret002
C EUR 33003 SandboxSecret003
D GBP 33004 SandboxSecret004
E MCP * 36001 SandboxSecret001
  • TERMINAL E: MCP is the Multi Currency Terminal Setting.

Please note that if you are using the Hosted Payment Page or POST page in the live environment, you should always include the RECEIPTPAGEURL parameter, so that our host knows where to send the customer to after payment.

Test cards and responses

Available test cards are listed below:


Card Scheme Card Number CVV
American Express 3400000000000000 Y
Debit MasterCard 5100270000000007 Y
Diners 3600000000000008 N
Discover 6011000000000004 Y
JCB 3528000000000007 Y
Maestro 5000330000000000 Y
MasterCard 5001650000000000 Y
Switch 6301144000000009 N
Visa Credit 3779810000000005 Y
Visa Debit 4000060000000006 Y
Visa Electron 4001020000000009 N

All expected responses and general testing information can be found in our Testing Guide.

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